I’m looking for a business that needs help being found, so I can help them for free.

A few months ago a friend let me know how much success he’d had from some free help I’d given him on search engine optimisation, and it ignited something in me, maybe I could help other people and make a business out of it?

So I’ve been working on a service I think would really help people that are either starting or have fallen into a rut over the past few years, get found.

It’s search optimisation, not just for “search engines”, but for every way people will find you. It’s a minimum three-month process, but in the end, the goal is for the right people to find you in a way that is natural and normal for them.

And sometimes the most obvious things are missed, like this sign to Cerritos Beach, covered in stickers.

I’m looking for a business to work with for free, so I can document it and show other people who might wonder what it all looks like.

And of course, if you trust me and want my help to be found, I’m taking on clients now with a money-back guarantee. If we don’t reach the goals we set together, you can either take a refund on the last three month’s work or get another three for free.

Check out what I’m doing at withers.co/unpopular and if you want help being found for free, get in touch.