The Vespers, under review

Bruno and Taylor, two brothers, saw two sisters with “ghostly, haunting and honey sweet” harmonies, playing at a campfire of all places. They talked, they jammed and now they play together in a band called The Vespers. If you didn’t know any better you would have imagined the storyline would include Bruno and Taylor courting Callie and Phoebe, just because that’s how these stories go, but I have it on good authority from the Bruno today that all four band members are single.

Normally the relationship status of band members isn’t something that would make it into one of my music reviews, but I wanted the question answered as much as you probably would have if I hadn’t of tweeted them to find out. While the band was tweeting me back and forth and I was listening to some early released tracks from the upcoming album “The Fourth Wall” I asked them what this latest album meant to them.

The Fourth Wall will be The Vespers second release, and it reeks of the kind of unity only siblings can know, the kind that’s really going to get up the girdle of other bands that are still squabbling over riffs and beats. The quartet is well toured around North America and this live element of their sound is something that guitarist, banjoist, accordionist, ukulele player and singer Phoebe is excited about getting into their recorded album, she says The Fourth Wall is not just a collection of songs, but a sound, the collective efforts of the four band members equally.

The second music video from the album, for the song Flower Flower will leave you happier than a pig in mud, but bassist Bruno hopes that you’d see the song and the whole album as a showcase of what the whole band is capable of and what their message is, not just a great folk beat and some amazing harmonies from the two sisters.

What is their message you ask? Well the band is hoping to tour our golden soil soon but for now you’ll need to spend the time listening to this infectious, youthful and spiritual folk/pop album from The Vespers, it’s called “The Fourth Wall” and it’s out now.

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