The only bridge climb in Australia better than the Storey Bridge Climb, of the two available

Hey, guys who decide how comfortable Uber Comfort is, it’s not a Toyota Camry

If you’re in Circular Quay this afternoon, the playlist is mine

“This is lockdown’s near forbidden secret and terrible truth — that at the heart of grief, and midst mayhem, carnage and deep sadness, people do beautiful things.”

– Nick Cave

When I grow up I’m going to run a cafe and an AirBnb, both of which have functional and high speed wifi.

In sad tech news, my favourite Melbourne store - Mac Addict - has shut down through 2020. I literally booked a hotel across the road so I could check it out today. Heres a 2017 review from EFTM to showcase how beautiful the store was.

Conspiracy theory: Hungry Jacks has never had thick shake machines. The whole idea of a shake from HJs is a ruse. They’re under the control of Big Softdrink.

If you want to hate the world and Twitter at the same time paste “lang:en” in a Twitter search bar will give you live and direct access to the firehose of tweets that is the entirety of English speaking Twitter’s consciousness. I need to have a shower.

Childhood screen time and attention problems not so closely linked

A link between childhood “screen time” and attention problems has failed to replicate in this study.

We evaluated 848 models, including logistic regression as per the original paper, plus linear regression and two forms of propensity score analysis. Only 166 models (19.6%) yielded a statistically significant relationship between early TV exposure and later attention problems, with most of these employing problematic analytic choices.

The funny thing is that I know that Luna’s mood changes when she has spent time in front of the TV, she’s less co-operative and less joyful, despite really enjoying TV, and strongly desiring it at various times.

So maybe TV as a child doesn’t affect their attention, but it does affect their sensibilities, in my humble opinion as a father of two.

Very very few stories are worth telling in their infancy. Most require research, understanding, context, empathy, and nuance.

For example, what if a story about girls twerking on a navy ship in front of the Governor General was held onto for a a day and some research was done?

But we as a society have decided not to invest in that research. We complain if a news website needs us to pay a subscription, and we scream about defunding the ABC if they don’t say what we want.

So we end up with an angry story that’s not entirely true, based on the premise that girls shouldn’t dance on boats.

If you think about it, aren’t we all twerking seamen on the navy ship of our lives? Thanks for getting to the end of this, I really just wanted you to consider yourself as a twerking sailor.