Wedding planning pro tip: Choose a wedding vendor team, then a date, instead of spending your whole life trying to find a team available on your date.

John Mulaney getting getting divorced is the kind of celebrity news that makes me want to take the week off and empty some ice cream tubs whilst crying.

Hanging with useless nipples Withers.

Captioned by her mother who is 20 minutes away.

“The big money is made not by exposing the truth but by papering it over or concealing it.”


Don’t forget that we’re all competing in a game where if we hit the right keys on the keyboard in the right order at the right time we win money and get donuts.

The worst thing about having an AirTag in your luggage is that instead of guessing that your luggage is about to come out, it removes any doubt that it isn’t.

If you’ve ever wondered how weird you are, if you don’t eat the deceased at their own funeral, you’re not that weird.

“In many villages, when a person died, they would be cooked and consumed. It was an act of love and grief.”

via NPR.

Just say that after the traumatic 14 months behind us, we were considering selling everything and travelling Australia in a caravan with a toddler and newborn and you had prescient advice, what exactly would that advice be?

An old friend of mine from like 20 years ago has released an album and I found out because someone had a typo in their email address which landed the newsletter intended for Paul Withers’ into my old Hotmail. Serendipity 2.0?

I’m dying of dystentery over this announcement.

Photos from inside my house identify as photos taken at houses down the street, from a GPS angle I understand this, but my iPhone knows my home address, and the wifi SSID I’m connected to overnight every night, surely we could bring that data together and say “if he’s on this wifi SSID, and GPS is weak or non-existent, maybe the actual photo and AirTag location is ‘home’”?

I am going to move my personal/non-wedding email account away from Hey. I don’t want to go back to GMail for privacy reasons, no to Outlook because of UX, and I don’t want to go back to Fastmail because it feels like the 90s over there. Any recommendations?

Sunrises at airports are my theme of 2021

Melbourne weather: cloudy with a chance of Josh.

If you’re curious about AirTag use through a flight whilst on inflight wifi, Find My believes that Qantas dropped my luggage from a great height somewhere over Armidale.