Posting a hot Apple theory I just imagined because in 5 to 10 years time, when it comes true, I want to link back to this post to proclaim how right and intelligent I was for a second.

The iPhone has a short life ahead of it. The iPad is encroaching the iPhone’s purpose on one side, and the Watch on the other. On the side of that note, the iPad is also taking up the oxygen in the market the MacBook is leaving, and the MacBook is going to retract to a desktop/home computer. So, the Apple Watch is becoming more and more powerful, and will take the “central processing unit” elements the iPhone currently provides to your personal computing life and interconnectivity.

The iPhone fades away, you’ve got an Apple Watch on your wrist, and an iPad in your backpack, and the breathing room left in the market is a camera. You don’t want to be taking photos on your 10.5" iPad and the Watch is too small to take a good photo. Does Apple leave cameras to third party manufacturers like it has monitors and wifi routers? No, it loves the camera.

From May 2018, my bold prediction for the future of Apple is an Apple Camera.