On travelling to New York with a baby

Many have messaged us about travelling with a baby, so I thought I’d share a few thoughts about bringing Lu to New York.

So firstly, we’re not travelling with a baby, we’re travelling with Luna, she’s almost a fully formed influencer with diet shakes and essential oils ready to sell you. Seriously though, Luna’s just one of us, eating the food we eat, going to the places we go.

Secondly, prams in New York are a bit tough if you want to take the subway. We’re rocking a Babyzen YoYo which I recommend highly, but you’ve got to carry it up and down the stairs. The rare subway station has an elevator, but most don’t. Lord knows how people in wheelchairs get around.

Thirdly, the drug stores and supermarkets here have some pretty good baby food. At home we make her food, but out here she’ll eat off our plate but mainly she’ll demolish/suck the organic goodness out of the plastic sleeves Whole Foods sells.

Finally, I appreciate the slightly slower pace a baby brings. Too many people want to see New York in a day. It just doesn’t work like that, and having to stop for nappy changes, sidewalk bottles, or not leaving the Airbnb until after her first nap is a reminder to take it slow and to smell the roses (or the stench on the sidewalk).

Josh Withers @joshua