January 27, 2020

The 29 Days Club, a content challenge for businesses

I’ve heard a few people say that they run out of ideas on what to post on their business’ social media accounts.

I’ve got a long history in daily content creation, I did it on breakfast radio for three hours a day every workday for a decade, and today I do it across all of our businesses.

My strategy is to be multi-discipline in my creation, to aim to reach people in many places in many different ways, whilst aiming to be at least inspiring, educational, entertaining, relevant, and demonstrable, if not all five.

If you’re one of those people looking for a kick up the content butt, commit to a 29 day challenge in February

$29 for 29 days of content creation challenges in the 29 Day Club. Sign up at and the first email goes out on February 1.