August 5, 2020

Someone’s thoughts on collective responsibilities

Freedoms and liberties versus trust, society, and community.

“Before we get too hung up on blaming the state govt, or the federal govt, or China for our covid situation let’s review some facts:

  1. We had to bring in mandatory quarantining in hotels, because we couldn’t trust people to stay home after returning from overseas.

  2. We then had to bring in security, because we couldn’t trust people to stay in those hotels.

  3. We then had to bring in ADF, because we couldn’t trust the security guards not to have sex with those in quarantine in the hotels.

  4. We had to get police to door knock and check up on people, because we couldnt trust those who were meant to be self-isolating to actually stay at home.

  5. We also have to have police and ADF reinforce the metropolitan melb zone and state borders, because we can’t trust people to follow the restrictions.

  6. We are now being asked to use masks, because we cannot trust people to social distance when they are in public.

  7. Through it all, our supermarkets have had to introduce shopping restrictions because we couldn’t trust people to not to take more than what they needed.”