August 10, 2020

I thought Scooter was an antisemitic band. They’re not.

In 1998 the German electro pop band, Scooter, released an absolute banger of an anthem called “How Much Is The Fish?”

I enjoyed this track immensely serving its place as the post-alt-rock 1990’s soother my library was in need of.

Somewhere around 2003 I realised I wasn’t ok with a (misheard) lyric “transforming the Jews” and i filed Scooter away as nazis.

Today Supertramp’s Logical Song was referenced in a podcast, so I turned to my music library to relive the 70s melody. From there I remembered that Scooter released a remix/cover of that song which I revisited, and then pivoted to that scar of a song, How Much Is The Fish?

Turns out Scooter aren’t nazis. They’re transforming the “tunes” and they’re ok with Jews.

I still don’t know how much the fish is.