September 2, 2020

Five Darwin observations:

1) Where the goal for people in many cultures is to become a doctor or a lawyer, in Darwin it’s to become an air-conditioning salesperson or refrigeration mechanic.

2) The true status symbol of greatness in Darwin is to drive a dust-stained Toyota 4WD. Everyone else is a lesser than.

3) There are an inordinate number of retired airstrips in the region, which would be really helpful if you had lots of planes you needed to land at once.

4) The flies here are much more motivated than the common fly in the rest of Australia. The territory flies have a deep-rooted belief that your skin is merely masking the best thing a fly could ever want, like searching for the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, flies are intent for getting literally under your skin.

5) There is a coffee conspiracy in Darwin. My current understanding is that a mean person banned good coffee beans from ever coming to Darwin and if you are visiting there is a thriving black market for smuggled quality coffee beans. This is a guaranteed method of instant wealth.