September 25, 2020

Hi, I’m Josh.

I’m a marriage celebrant.

I believe that the best part of your wedding should be your ceremony, and I work my ass off to make one that fits like a glove.

I think that if you had no arbour, cake, flowers, cars, photos, seats, decorations, suits, or white wedding uniforms/dresses, that it’s still an epic day because you are loved. Everything else is just sweet sweet sugar on top.

I think personal vows are powerful, and personalised dressing robes are cool.

I fly a drone (DJI Mavic 2 Pro) and I like making photos of things that aren’t people. I like 90s pop and alt rock and 2000’s Foo Fighters.

I’ve got a 23 month old daughter named Luna, another little girl here in February, and every day of mine is brighter because of Britt, my wife. She’s the brain behind the The Elopement Collective!

We live at Palm Beach on the Gold Coast, and if there’s not a pandemic I normally travel the globe creating epic marriage ceremonies.

I’d love to make yours!

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