September 28, 2020

So many of my couples are on their third, fourth, or even fifth wedding plan.

The couple I am marrying today had originally booked me and The Elopement Collective for the Amalfi Coast.

When we all realised that Italy 2020 wasn’t happening, we kept on hearing talk of a New Zealand travel bubble so we planned for a September elopement in Queenstown.

Then when that bubble was never realised, and Jetstar cancelled our flights, we brought it closer to home, and planned to elope in the Blue Mountains. Then NSW was cut off.

So this afternoon in good ol’ Queensland, in the Sunshine Coast hinterland they’ll finally get married.

I’ve got similar stories for so many people, with so many emails, so many text messages and phone calls.

The interesting part is that they’re not overly sexy stories, nor are they terribly sad stories, I can imagine some people thinking “Wah wahh, you can’t get married in Amalfi”, but these are real stories out of 2020. Between the bushfires, the pandemic, the travel cancellations, the lockdowns, the people who have shut down their businesses - some for good - and those who are out of work, hold a heavy trove of stories. Britt and I are supposed to be in California today getting ready for an elopement in Yosemite.

It’s a weird old year.