A guy off a local Facebook Group tried to bash me up at a cafe today

I’m not one to try to remember the darker, weirder, less enjoyable moments of life.

But today, while I was having a meeting with a couple I’m marrying next year, an angry bloke named Mark walked in and threatened to bash me up in the middle of the cafe.

Mark posted in the Facebook Group about how Coles Supermarkets were closed today because of a computer issue, and commented that this is why we need to always carry cash etc.

I bantered with him a bit, became quite cheeky, and teased him for being a boomer. I was a bit of a douchebag.

He threatened to find me and fight me.

I saw a hurting middle aged guy named Mark, not some violent thug. So I offered up that I would be at my local cafe, Sisterhood Coffee, and although I would not and could not fight, I was available to meet and chat.

He arrived and made a big scene. The Police came and we made a report.

I posted the below in the Facebook Group before leaving it, and the sentiment remains for all. I don’t have much to offer this world, but if your alone and angry - online or off - I’m often available to be your friend.

Facebook Group Post:

A thing I never thought would happen, happened today. A member of this Facebook group walked into Sisterhood Coffee threatening to bash me up. A formal report’s been made with the Police and I guess they’ll find him and talk to him. But I’m seriously saddened by the state of our community. That some banter on a Facebook group about how Coles was closed and about a cashless society, resulted in a middle aged man resorting to violence. We make big claims in this Facebook group about the light rail, youths, or tradies, ruining Palm Beach, the truth is, we’re ruining Palm Beach, by being so emotionally disconnected, so spiritually void, that we feel the need to go into a fist fight in a cafe over cheeky Facebook comments. Mark, if you see this, my call to come to the coffee shop to talk was genuine. If you want to fight, I can’t and won’t, you’ll be bashing up a useless guy. But if you want a friend, I’m guessing you’ll be able to find me again. Seriously, if any of you are feeling that alone, sad, and divided that we resort to inhumane violence, I live in Palm Beach and I’d like to be your friend. Please don’t bash me up though. You’ll be leaving a pregnant wife and two year old daughter with a wounded dad, and you’ll be left with the legacy of missing out on having a real connection with another person on the planet.

Josh Withers @joshua