Politics takes up a lot of our mindshare today.

Lots of people agreeing with a policy, politician, or party, or disagreeing with.

I don’t think that’s how it’s supposed to work. The joke about “there’s only two types of people” is a joke for a reason.

It’s not supposed to be an us and them situation, where you’re either for or against Dan Andrews, or the Liberal Party, or Trump, or lockdowns.

It’s so lazy to outsource our societal creativity, community problem solving, love for others, to a select group of politicians.

I want to be in the room, wrestling over the ideas, lovingly disagreeing, or not even disagreeing, but agreeing through gritted teeth because we can see the greater good despite the pain it might cause elsewhere.

Don’t put yourself, or me, against others over politics. The policy, the community, our society, deserve better than two teams battling it out to be right.

The truth is, if all you want to be is correct, to be cheering for the right team, prepare to be disappointed.

I don’t want to be on the right team. I’d just like to be the annoying guy on your team.

Josh Withers @joshua