October 22, 2020

Why have I listened to 400 episodes of ATP?

One of my earliest memories is listening to Play School on the ABC because I’d been given a TV that didn’t show a picture.

The medium of audio storytelling has been a passion of mine for so long, I found a career in it first in community radio, then in commercial radio as a techie and then as a breakfast announcer.

As podcasting became a thing, thanks Cameron, I have held a steady interest the entire time.

As the market for podcasts developed, the market split in half can be roughly described like this:

The first kind of podcasts are well-produced news, entertainment, and information podcasts. They’re sharp sounding, and well made.

The second kind is my favourite kind. They’re simple, people in conversation, drawing me into that conversation without ever knowing me. I’m unashamedly standing in an audience, yet I feel connected to those people. It’s a nice connection.

Accidental Tech Podcast is one of those second kind of podcasts, and in their 400th episode, at the end of the episode, in the post-show, they talk about this kind of podcasting and why people like me have been listening for 400 episodes.