November 1, 2020


The first two things I saw in the outside world this morning were about Sean Connery. One post was announcing his death. Another was reminding us of his misogynistic past.

It’s a weird thing to reconcile the day after someone dies. To see that they were a person, loved by so many, yet they were flawed and broken in so many ways.

I think Sean Connery needs our grace.

My hope, my prayer, my meditation, my personal goal, the thing I’d ask you to embrace in 2021, is grace.

Grace as a secular concept embodies a courtesy. Goodwill extended to you even though commonly it might not be. The Christian concept extends it further, allowing mercy without merit.

Grace isn’t forgetting, it’s not even forgiving really. It’s not an eraser or coverup. It’s not a cancel and it’s not imagining that nothing happened.

It’s acceptance of what has been, allowing for the consequences of those activities, and building a bridge to the now.

It’s an acknowledgement of humanity, our weaknesses and our insecurities, and an olive branch through them. Not past, or over, or under, but through.

May grace lace my every word in the year ahead.

It’s what I need. It’s what my marriage, family, business, and friendships need. I’m willing to bet it’s what you need. Let’s give it freely.