February 19, 2021

Who should be a politician and why?

I bet you have an opinion on politicians and who is a terrible one.

Do you think the incentives that used to exist to become a pollie/leader have evaporated while the work/accountability has (rightly) increased significantly, so less of the best people in our community want to stand up to lead today?

I’ve honestly considered serving in government, and aside from rabid imposter syndrome, and not knowing if I’m the kind of person that I think should be a leader in the community - like a MP - the incentive for me to stand up is ever reducing.

I can think of it now, journos or keyboard warriors scouring over my years of internet history. Past clients who didn’t like me weighing in on podcasts, and imagine if they started talking to my family about politics or even me. Like my first step-mother probably still thinks I’m a gay priest like I overheard her telling someone a few years ago. All whilst earning a less than corporate wage but not having the liberties to act like a corporation but instead, acting in the best interest of the electorate - not just those who elected you.