Seeing John Gruber’s recommendation of a new weather app, Hello Weather (it’s a beautiful app, just feels a little weird that two Basecamp devs are involved, that brand name is tainted after the last week).

I noticed its primary weather data provider is Dark Sky, the now Apple-owned American-focused weather data source.

So I checked my four installed weather apps to see how they reported the current weather in my location right now (Lilydale, Victoria, Australia) and not one current temp lined up.

The first screenshot is Hello Weather sourcing from Dark Sky. The second is Carrot Weather sourcing from the Australian source, WillyWeather, which also gets data from BoM. The third screenshot is the built-in Apple Weather app sourced from the American, and the fourth is a screenshot from the Australian government’s own official Bureau of Meteorology official app.

How is weather data so hard?