How do you know things?

I think all day every day about the world I want to leave Luna and Goldie in.

I spend so much time wondering how to teach them how to know things. What they know will forever by growing and changing, but how they know things. How they learn, and how they research, and experiment, that’s so important to me.

So I’ve decided to create email accounts for them and to start writing to them. Because my words matter to them.

Your words matter.

Share them, with anyone, everyone, with me.

I don’t really care about fitting in with cool buzzwords and virtue signalling. But tell me how you lived in a tense moment today and how it was weird or awkward, but we learned more about each other.

Tell me about how you didn’t know something and you said you didn’t know.

Tell me about how you were scared and you said you were scared.

Life’s too short for platitudes and fitting in. Let’s be scared, daft, vulnerable, and authentic together. I don’t care what you know, but I’d love to know how you know it.