A friend, hi Andy, was talking about business and investment opportunities in the coming years. I blurted this out as a text message but thought I might record it here on my blog to look back on in 8 years time.

The 2020’s - in Australia and the western world - Will be marked by a couple of significant factors.

– Number one will be high interest rate policy, HIRP, after a decade of low interest-rate policy, LIRP, interest rates will start to rise and this is going to change a lot of things economically - hopefully positively - for the world. My uneducated guess is that it’s going to be a time of slightly more wealth distribution. Low interest-rate policy takes the wealth out of the centre, high interest policy will spread it around more and create more opportunities financially.

One bonus point: weed. As that’s decriminalised there’s big opportunities imho.