The past two years has rocked us to the very core financially, mentally, emotionally, and to think it’s still not over yet. We’ve been trying to keep moving towards our north star of not being old, grumpy, tired, burnt out, angry, people that the old panny-demmy ruined. That’s not the news, that’s just me setting the scene.

1. New job!

The main news is that I’m diversifying my career and I’ve taken an opportunity to join the team at Harcourts Property Centre and over the next season I’ll be training and learning how to be a gun real estate nerd. Britt and I have bought two homes and sold one so I have some opinions on how I think I could bring a Josh-like-vibe to the real estate game.

I’m actually really excited about my future career placing people in their new home. On that note, getting new listings is the hard work in real estate. I plan on being authentic on that journey, but if you’re local to me and looking to sell, call a brother ;)

2. Still creating marriage ceremonies!

As far as weddings and elopements go, nothing is changing. Anyone who has me booked in, we’re all still good to go. Nothing to stress about, I am still your celebrant. Could you imagine finding out the opposite on social media?!

I’ll still take new wedding bookings into the future, but maybe less, and probably more local. I’ve lost more money to airlines, Airbnb’s, and hotels in the last two years than most people have spent so I’m fairly gun-shy about gallivanting around the universe in the near future. That’s why I’m adding real estate to my resume, because I think I can do a great job, and it tends to be a little closer to home.

Want me to be your celebrant?

3. About this instagram account!

So [my wedding Instagram page, @hellojoshwithers]( will broaden out and I’ll share my weddings, elopements, family, and real estate story; and my old personal Instagram, I’ve decided to start sharing my love for the better end of the Gold Coast, the GC south of Talle' so I’ve renamed that account @southoftalle.

I’ve been making photos for more local businesses and myself recently, if you’d like some photos of your business or home get in touch at

4. About @southoftalle!

About four years ago our family made the move south of the border, that is, the border to the Southern Gold Coast: Tallebudgera Creek. I was a proud North Gold Coaster but Tugun, Palm Beach, Currumbin, Cooly, Snapper, all won my heart.

I’m a storyteller at heart and I want to tell the story of the better end of the Gold Coast, the GC south of Talle'. So I’ve converted my old “here’s random photos of stuff” Instagram account to @southoftalle and started an email newsletter, sharing the stories of the Southern Gold Coast. I’d actually love to work that old radio muscle and podcast with my neighbours down here, other entrepreneurs, and locals that have a cool story, like the bloke that plays the didgeridoo at Snapper Rocks. So if you want to fall in love with the promise land south of the Tallebudgera Creek, give me a follow over at @southoftalle and throw your email address in here.

I’m keen to get my new drone up, and to fire up my camera, and share my ‘hood.

5. Britt’s making photos of families and couples!

I’m super proud of Britt, she’s picked up the camera and started making photos that really rock families and couples’ world - she’s sharing them over at @brittanywithersphoto and you can book her in at