There was a really well known wedding photographer who was talking to Britt about shooting for The Elopement Collective, and on the phone to her (my wife) he told her that he hopes she fails in business along with some other rude things.

Not long after that phone call there was a dress up wedding industry Halloween party that I knew he would be going to, so I attended in the hopes of confronting him at the event, possibly even punching him.

The good news for all is that not only do I not really punch people, but on arrival to the event I realised how stupid it would be to publicly assault someone to defend my wife’s honour.

He is still a douche - always will be - and my wife is always worth protecting, defending, fighting for. But assaulting him isn’t the answer.

Instead we send him glitter in the mail every now and then. Plus when people want to hire him I tell them how mean and horrible he is and he doesn’t get the booking.

What Chris Rock said was horrible. What Will Smith did was worse.