This is the weakest take. (See screenshot)

A groom’s role in a wedding is in equal nature to the other person being married.

A wedding is not a “bride’s day” or a single person’s day.

A wedding is an event hosted by the couple - together, where they actually do get married, but more importantly, they broadcast to their closest friends and family that this is who they are. That people like us, we celebrate and commemorate important things like this. You’re erecting a billboard in your community that tells everyone what your values are and what kind of life you are building for yourself and your family.

In this Quora post David is saying that exact thing. When important things happen to him and his wife, he closes his mouth, and doesn’t look regretful, so his wife can be happy for just a moment, before she returns to her boring life where she has to put up with this downtrodden husk of a man.

This is the actual real-life manifestation of toxic masculinity.