TikTok's talking points are totally cool, nothing to see here, move along now, everything's cool ya see

It almost seems like TikTok is the great globalist company we’ve all been waiting for, to save us from the boredom of our everyday lives, and to connect us - not with our friends - but with some kind of massive data store in China that I am totally sure is totally ok and nothing to stress about at all, ya know.

TikTok’s public relations talking points via Gizmodo:

  • downplay the parent company ByteDance
  • downplay the China association
  • downplay AI
  • TikTok is a global company
  • The TikTok app doesn’t even operate in China
  • TikTok is highly localised in its experience and operations, which means … insert country here … has a lot of independence in the day-to-day operations of the platform

insert everything is fine gif