It all started when I read this May 2019 Daring Fireball article and fell in love with a little gadget I’d only just heard of.

I subscribed for updates straight away.

Passing through Heathrow Airport the next month allowed this Aussie to buy a copy of Edge Magazine and read the beautiful review.

The rest of 2019 occurs, 2020 is dropped on us like an atomic bomb and I’m left waiting, ever so patiently.

Then, at the end of July 2021 I got a pre-order in, a few hours after the rest of the fans in USA timezones did, so I got to Group 3.

2022 arrives and we as a family decide to go on sabbatical, pack up shop in Australia, hit the road and travel around Mexico.

Two weeks before our flight, I get this update.

October 3 is remarkably close to October 10 and I have remarkably low faith in the postal system delivering at any time that would suit.

I’m guessing that my Playdate is going to spend some time in our PO Box at Tugun.