Patrick O’Shaughnessy on the power of audio:

“Audio feels to me like a secret hiding in plain sight. Everyone loves to learn, everyone loves content and loves consuming it, and it seems as though no matter how much great content is created, there’s not enough of it. I find myself all the time without a great piece of content to consume. And the demand-supply thing just hasn’t reached an equilibrium yet, maybe it never will. And audio is unique in the sense that it is at least 10 times easier to create an unbelievable hour of audio for me, and my format’s interview, interviewing someone great like David. That episode between him and I took an hour and a half to record. It will probably be listened to, my guess is, millions of times by the time it’s all said and done. An hour and a half for millions of listens. And people will listen all the way through, and they’ll consume it all. If you translated that conversation into text, it would be about the length of a short book. If we wanted to create a book of similar quality, it would take a year, probably. I mean I’ve written a book, it took me a year, and my book was not nearly as good as that conversation with David was.”