I love Morpho, my new favourite currency (and other numbers) conversion iOS app.

Ahead of travelling to Mexico I wanted to find a new currency conversion app that did two-three things:

  1. Had a Lock Screen widget to help me make purchasing decisions quickly and easily considering I still don’t really know how much 1,250 pesos is in personal terms.
  2. If they couldn’t do Lock Screen then at least do a widget.
  3. Once I opened the app, it gave me a few nuanced currency conversions. I wanted to be able to quickly get my head around AUD, MXN and USD numbers quickly.

Morpho delivered plus they brought in other conversions like weights and temperature.

The widget is great - you can choose which conversion to show, as you can see in the screenshot I wanted to always have a sense of what things on menus were worth so I settled on “what’s 100 pesos worth in Aussie dollars?”

You can then tap the widget to open the app and whatever number you enter at the top is converted below.

Travelling internationally with an iPhone soon? You’ll like this. Even Britt appreciates it and I can never get her on to new apps.