The most embarrassing thing about Kanye West buying Parler isn’t that he bought Parler, but that he (and most people) think that the world needs a new social media platform.

It’s the internet equivalent of starting or building more and more new gated communities in a town to make it safer and better.

Ultimately the town without gated communities, but the ability to operate without the walls and gates is the better town.

What does that mean on a modern worldwide computing platform like the internet? Get a blog. Use your keyboard, type some words, upload some photos, and share them with your mates. Get a blog roll. Share the love and seek out the things you love.

The future of the internet isn’t in the existing, or new, social networks or walled gardens. It’s in freedom of expression and seeking your own inputs.

At least then when Kanye does something stupid, I just get to choose to not read his blog. But if you want to, you can.