Business idea: a coffee translator.

All I want in Mexico is to just order my coffee.

In Australia I order a long black with cream (pouring cream), or if they don’t have cream, with cold milk. I call it a poor man’s latte. All of the coffee, less milk.

A big cup of black coffee, and I take the temperature and black-coffee-ness out of it with a dash of dairy.

In Baja an Americano is basically a long black, but often filter coffee which would be fine if it was lukewarm. An espresso is an espresso shot. A long black doesn’t exist. I got close today, but once I asked for “like an Americano but hot”, they also brought out hot milk, and you don’t want hot milk in this drink.

My fortune for help on how to order a “long black with cream/milk” in Spanish, or in a way that local baristas will understand.