1. Mastodon’s celebration of the open web, the indie web, is an evergreen celebration that enough people, me included, will always get onboard with.

  2. Mastodon is everything we’re looking for in Twitter except it’s not Twitter.

  3. No one single ego can rule the Mastodon, fediverse, indieweb, open web. Instead many many egos can, will, and do.

  4. Mastodon isn’t a complete social media product, still requiring many features to even gain parity with what the average internet user considers the bare minimum for a social networking product. Today I couldn’t upload a video because it was too good of a quality.

  5. The business model of Mastodon/the Fediverse is missing links that only generosity can complete. Which is nice amongst friends. But all of us generous admins, hosts, mods have our limits (or jobs, kids, relationships). That’s the strength begging Micro.Blog, $5 a month and you’re good.

  6. It’s actually a lot of work and resource to run a Mastodon instance still. Digital Ocean’s $200 free spend will run out soon.