A few days ago I ordered a latest generation Kindle Oasis and a new Kindle Scribe with the intention of only keeping one to replace my six year old Kindle Oasis who’s battery barely lasted a day.

Today a UPS driver picks one up to take it back home to Bezos, and I’m keeping the Kindle Scribe.


Kindle Scribe Pros:

  • Nice and big
  • USB-C charging
  • notepad and pencil input for note taking and signing paperwork
  • so big
  • all the Remarkable 2 you want with the benefit of all the Kindle you want
  • new fancy product

Kindle Scribe Cons:

  • so very big
  • no buttons
  • too big
  • a little heavy
  • Kindle OS is still crappy and salesy
  • new product, 1.0 version sadness