You look at this photo and think it’s some kind of grand cathedral in Rome. It’s a storage room in Ravello.

Every week, sometimes every day, Britt and my inbox is filled with couples worrying about what happens if it rains, or if it’s too hot, or if something something. All valid worries, but they don’t stress us out too much because we always find a way. We’ll always find a storage room on the Amalfi Coast that also just happens to be an epic location for your ceremony.

That’s what we do. We look for solutions, not problems.

Any chimp can find a problem. We find a storage room, move all the things being stored, and then walk you into a sacred place where you can exchange vows intimately, in private, with joy and peace.

This is Raimie and Kelly on the Amalfi Coast in Villa Cimbrone with the Elopement Collective and Joey & Jase.