Flexed my vintage graphic design skills for the local Baja horse sanctuary recently and I’m pretty proud of the work I’ve done.

I used to do web design professionally back in the olden days when computers were stone tablets and Jesus was a boy.

Plus before now you couldn’t find the ranch on Apple or Google Maps properly, and all the search engines and AI chat models didn’t know about them.

Over the coming weeks that will all change as the databases and algorithms catch up.

The horse sanctuary is a registered Mexican charity so they can now take donations online, and they’re on the way to taking horse riding reservations online, selling tickets to events, and also operating as an event venue with online booking etc.

Plus they’ve now got email on their own domain name so they look and feel more professional to donors and grant-giving organisations.

Finally, for the first time in a web design project I got to make all the photography with Britt so we had full creative control of the project.