I’ve been playing around with 360 content for over seven years ago now and I have a few questions about where Apple is going to take the format.

If you make 360 content today, you spend a lot of time looking at content like this:

It’s not as appealing as the embeds below.

I’ve recorded my work creating marriage ceremonies in 360 video, and with my various DJI drones, I’ve been trying to create 360 still content as well.

My question and thought for today is how will the new spatial computing frontier handle consumer stills and video in 360? Will Apple standardise the media, and let it be viewed in Preview or Quick Look?

Will other devices be able to make content for the Apple Vision, will Apple Vision 3D or 360 content be viewable and enjoyed on other platforms?

How should content creators prepare for this new content-style? Is this permission to buy new gear?!!? (Please let my wife know if so).

I’ve been bullish on 360 for over seven years, I’m excited to see where it goes.

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