We’re packing and getting ready for our homeward journey tonight in Paris. We’ve got three flights left, and the longest ones just earned us a text message from Qantas letting us know that the four of us had been upgraded to business class (RIP my points balance). We’ve got a few nights in Singapore left and it’s back to the Southern Gold Coast after almost a year away.

So because I’m a big nerd, these are our family travel stats since we left home last September and listed our home on Airbnb:

  • Photos on my phone: 10,017
  • Days away from home: 354
  • Flight hours: 87
  • Airbnbs and hotel rooms: 52
  • Flights: 50
  • Airports: 23
  • Cars (rented/borrowed/owned): 17
  • Countries: 10
  • Boats: 3
  • Children: 2
  • Eurostars: 1
  • MacBooks that survived a glass of whisky being spilt on them: 0
  • Brown hairs left on my head: -6