I spent the last two hours in this seat, capturing as many interesting photos as possible from this single location in Rome, Italy, on the early evening of Monday, July 8, 2024.

Welcome to a little Roman photo essay I created, if only to entertain myself: L'angolo tra Via dei Gracchi e Via Fabio Massimo.

These two sparked the thought. We don't see many fully frocked nuns from the Vatican in Ranelagh, where I live in Tasmania.

Food and drinks from an ice creamery, a café bar and ristorante, and a few other spots at the corner of Via dei Gracchi and Via Fabio Massimo show how many food options are around here.

Since these are streets, you might have expected some vehicles. I extended my stay to two hours because I missed a classic Italian road rage incident: one man screaming at another, making a pointed gesture, exasperatedly sighing, and then driving off, completely forgetting about the incident.

I met quite a few local dogs and birds. There was also a rat, but I was too slow to catch it.

And of course, some locals.

Photos composed and created by me with my Canon EOS R5, the Canon RF 35mm f/1.8 lens, edited in Lightroom CC, with Carssun’s Amalfi Coast presets.