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Britt and I are watching Netflix’s new show The Mole at the moment and as that guy who knows Queensland like the back of his hand I’ve been following the filming locations keenly. (If you …

The average duration of a viral song on TikTok is 19.5 seconds. RIP music.

My mate Jay has made a documentary about remote knowledge workers, digital nomads, working around the Arctic Circle and I’m pretty damn jealous of those landscapes, the visuals, and the lifestyle! Check out the trailer!

Salon Tom Weston’s Five Rules of Being A Grown-Up:

  1. You must not have anything wrong with you, or anything different about you.
  2. If you have something wrong or different about you, you really need to correct it. You need to be able to pass under all circumstances.
  3. If you can’t correct it, or change it in any way, you should just pretend that you have. It’s not a problem anymore. Good news!
  4. If you can’t even pretend not to have corrected the situation, you should just not show up, because it’s very painful for the rest of us to see you in your current condition.
  5. If you’re going to insist on showing up, you should at least have the decency to be ashamed.

If you’re uncultured swine like me, you probably thought that Baz Lurhmann gave this commencement speech and it was released as a song.

The truth is far more boring and interesting at the same …

We, we the people, reframe and view government as a god. Which is quite unhealthy. We position our prime ministers and presidents as idols, put them on a pedestal, and expect a lot from them. …

New data on how Americans drank themselves to death during the pandemic, by Christopher Ingraham

The Final Comeback of Axl Rose, by John Jeremiah Sullivan in 2006, referenced in the Rubesletter by Matt Ruby, today:

Axl has said, “I sing in five or six different voices that are all part of me. It’s not contrived.” I agree. One of them is an unexpectedly competent baritone. The most important of the voices, though, is Devil Woman. Devil Woman comes from a deeper part of Axl than do any of the other voices. Often she will not enter until nearer the end of a song. In fact, the dramatic conflict between Devil Woman and her sweet, melodic yang—the Axl who sings such lines as Her hair reminds me of a warm, safe place and If you want to love me, then darling, don’t refrain and Sometimes I get so tense—is precisely what resulted in Guns N' Roses' greatest songs…

And what does she say, this Devil Woman? What does she always say, for that matter? Have you ever thought about it? I hadn’t. “Sweet Child,” “Paradise City,” “November Rain,” “Patience,” they all come down to codas—Axl was a poet of the dark, unresolved coda—and to what do these codas themselves come down? Everybody needs somebody. Don’t you think that you need someone? I need you. Oh, I need you. Where do we go? Where do we go now? Where do we go? I wanna go. Oh, won’t you please take me home?

In 2022 I want to be a lot more deliberate about my inputs. Garbage in, garbage out. I’m continuing to craft my newsletters and subscriptions, detailed on my inputs page. Plus I’m now documenting books I want to read, books I am reading, and books I have read.

Small atomic changes should put make sure I’m walking down the right track.

Dear Me,

If, in future years, anyone asks you to give advice to your sixteen year old self… don’t.

Make your own unique messes, and then work your own way out of them.

See you,

Alan Rickman