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Ive always secretly thought that when I reached 1 million downloads on Unsplash I’d stop posting there.

But as I passed the landmark this week I realised that sometimes we set silly goals about silly …

It might be 8yrs late, but you’re finally getting my book: The Rebel’s Guide To Getting Married is coming in 2023. It’s a book about planning a wedding with intention and purpose, written by yours truly, Oz’s most hated celebrant & I’m writing live on my wedding blog.

Current status: forgot to put coffee in the percolator.

Current status: horizontal at El Pescadero

Sad. The person typing this has finally given up on the dream of eternal youth and is scaling back his dream of More Space to Default.

Bill Bishop on living in DC.

Popped up to say hi then went back down again


I’ve lived around the ocean my whole life and I’ve never seen the ocean as angry and ferocious as I have at Todos santos, Baja California Sur, this week.

Somehow both our girls have learned to pose like this and I have no idea how, or why, or where it’s from.