I might not amount to much in this life, so if I die and that’s the case, please put this on my gravestone.

Weezer’s Buddy Holly, from Windows 95 to Apple Music 2021

I first heard this song on in August 1995, discovering it on one of the Windows 95 installation CDs in the ‘Fun Stuff’ folder - left there to demonstrate the video-playing capabilities of Windows 95.

To listen to it in Dolby Atmos spatial audio today is quite a stretch from whatever low-res MPEG codec I heard in 1995.

Looks like someone in ASIO has finally experienced booking a Qantas flight at the last minute.

The 2007 email that spawned Uber, Snapchat, Tiktok, Instagram, and trillions of dollars worth of other companies - via @techemails

What’s the secret to not getting text message spam? This phone number is my wedding celebrant number and I’ve had it for over 15 years, so I’m not in a position to change numbers or turn on Filter Unknown Senders. It’s so annoying.

Revved up like a deuce, another roller in the night

The humble Australian ritual of gender reveal via a burnout.

“The driver burned out on a secluded road on the Gold Coast. As the drone flies upwards, the car continues its burnout until it turns sideways. Then a lot of things go sideways.

– Drone DJ

Photographing a blood red supermoon, a lunar eclipse, is seemingly outside of my skillset. I made many photos and all were degrees of terrible, these two - one shot on my 25mm and the other on my 70-180mm lens - are the ones I hate the least.

Did you know there’s no wombat emoji? I’m calling the president.

TF when you think someone is going to steal your stick

The kind of rainbow that would make YouTube’s Hungrybear9562 weep with joy, a double rainbow.

Pot of coffee at Highline Palm Beach at the end of the rainbow

Australia’s Department of Defence: Defence announces Space Division

Australia: please let it be ARSE

Hanging with useless nipples Withers.

Captioned by her mother who is 20 minutes away.

The worst thing about having an AirTag in your luggage is that instead of guessing that your luggage is about to come out, it removes any doubt that it isn’t.

I’m dying of dystentery over this announcement.

Sunrises at airports are my theme of 2021