The only bridge climb in Australia better than the Storey Bridge Climb, of the two available

If you’re in Circular Quay this afternoon, the playlist is mine

In sad tech news, my favourite Melbourne store - Mac Addict - has shut down through 2020. I literally booked a hotel across the road so I could check it out today. Heres a 2017 review from EFTM to showcase how beautiful the store was.

Conspiracy theory: Hungry Jacks has never had thick shake machines. The whole idea of a shake from HJs is a ruse. They’re under the control of Big Softdrink.

Toddler, living her best life, sitting in a Coles Supermarket trolley, eating tuna sushi. Circa April 2021. iPhone 12 Pro 4.2mm lens, f1.6, 1/50 sec, ISO 200. Photographer: Joshua Withers.

I’m going to be an Icelandic pop star, what are you going to be?

Five years since DJI has handed down an Inspire or Phantom from on high, and three years since a Pro Mavic has been bestowed upon us. What, oh Chinese lords, what will you gift us this week?

The Blue Mountains before the sun rises are a flippin treat

That was quick, Find My, considering there’s no items to add or find yet

It’s been a while since I’ve taken the 6am Saturday flight to Sydney for a wedding, it feels good. I feel dribs and drabs of normality returning to my life.

What a brave, cunning, and linguistic call for Tourism SA to make.

Gold Coast Mayor calls in Evergreen to cause our own Suez Canal incident on the M1 to stop Brisbane people going “down the coast” for Easter.