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The computer at Picfair has decided that these pieces of art are the ones people are most likely to buy from my print store and hang on their wall, prove it wrong.

Printing in most countries worldwide so delivery is usually local which means it’s quick and easy.

The one where Father Nathan Monk casually suggests that Jesus might of been gay.

The Christians are going to roast you, Monk. Godspeed.

Are we giving the window washers at traffic lights too much money?

22 Jump Street is going to be Kanye’s Mother Theresa moment.

Which cinematic alien or monster do you think my huevos rancheros looks like? I’m seeing Dr. Zoidberg.

📷 Instrument (#mbmar Micro Blog March photo challenge prompt suggested by @UnfocusedWanderlust)

On Friday I was photographing Los Sagrados for their new website, and a musician came out to perform the flute and percussion for the horses. It was quite a thing to witness.

Disco tech

Luna and I flexing our frequent flyer privileges this afternoon.

This week in cactus

While Britt’s been away this last fortnight I’ve had heaps of one-on-one time with Goldie while her big sister is at school.