Show me a more Australian meal than a Chicken Schnitzel shaped like mainland Australia, served with veges, chips, and gravy.

I’ll wait.

Day one of Baby Drone making photos and we’re back into lockdown because of fear of getting wet.

Watching this wombat sleep today reminded me that the wombat is my spirit animal

We can dance if we want to. We can leave your friends behind. Cause your friends don’t dance, and if they don’t dance, well, they’re no friends of mine.

With many of us grounded, has anyone had a play of PC Globe to try and scratch that travel itch? You might need to upgrade to a 486 to run it well.

Turns out the TARDIS gets it’s time travelling power from books. Important lesson for us all to learn, ya know?

Calling all true crime podcasters, I’m desperate to know the story of Henk and Lane and how the small Tasmanian town of Penguin got two IGA supermarkets next to each other.

How to spot a good fish and chip shop.

1) it has the word ‘shack’ in its name 2) there are lobster pots hanging for styling 3) it’s near the ocean 4) it’s located at a wharf 5) Chico Rolls aren’t on the menu 6) there’s a grumpy fisherman on premises

Bonus points for the shack being a seafood type of shack, for example this one is called ‘The Lobster Shack’

All I want for all of you is to enjoy life as much as Luna enjoys ice cream

So it sounds like MONA is celebrating being open again, this is the view from Dodges Ferry.

Nothing to see here, just an Independence Day-alien-ship-style laser beam going into Hobart …

Dodges Ferry.

With a fake sunset.

This is the first photo I’ve ever published with a synthetic element like a sky. But I’ve been colour-grading and removing things in the edit for years, and somehow this feels worse.

Who knows?

Proud to be racing in the Salamanca Place to Hobart pram race today. Photographed is my First Mate taking us over the starting line.

Shop inside a regional Tasmanian town’s local shopping centre. The professional life coach on staff on Christmas Eve is wearing knock-off AirPods.

Feels good to be back, standing outside the Gold Coast Qantas Club with a bunch of other members moments before it opens, as each new person who would imagine the lounge to be open by now, stridently - almost aggressively - walks past the congregation, gets to the automatic sliding door and their face sinks as it doesn’t open.

It’s been nine months, I miss you Qantas frequent flyers, you bring me joy.

Sunset over what we call Summer Bay, despite the map saying Palm Beach.