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I’ve been talking about switching social networks for a decade now …

I’m wondering whether “stay in your medium lane” is good advice for Elon Musk and Twitter today?

I think about Instagram starting as a still photo medium and how I like it less as it has changed lanes. Facebook started as a “friend-to-friend connection” medium, and I like it less as Adam Mosseri has obsessed over Reels and videos.

Twitter started as, and mostly still is, a text medium.

The human brain likes to catalogue and silo things. Twitter is a textual medium, and all of us on it love that about it.

If Twitter wants to evolve to take on YouTube and Facebook and leave text behind, that will be its death knell. Not headwinds in the marketplace, but the fact that those of us that like to read and write text, want to connect and share in a place that champions reading and writing text.

That’s why Imoved my writing and sharing to when it launched. champions text and text sharing, whilst also encouraging you to own your content/text.

If anything was going to take Twitter’s place today, in my humble opinion, it would be, because it has a business plan, it has a network, by design it’s healthy and good for the soul, but it champions the reading and writing of text.

Some inherent problems in the internet of 2022, in my humble opinion:

  1. Everyone is too exposed to everyone else, for example, it’s wild that anyone and everyone can read these words I’m …

My anxiety is of the opinion that none of you really care about me, contacting me or enjoying our family travels, if that’s so, please cease reading and thank you for confirming my deepest fears …

Reading a recent Point Hacks email about the ol' ‘T-80’ Qantas rule reminded me of an Apple Shortcuts shortcut I’d been meaning to make for a while. I’m no programmer, or …

It almost seems like TikTok is the great globalist company we’ve all been waiting for, to save us from the boredom of our everyday lives, and to connect us - not with our friends - but with some kind of massive data store in China that I am totally sure is totally ok and nothing to stress about at all, ya know.

TikTok’s public relations talking points via Gizmodo:

  • downplay the parent company ByteDance
  • downplay the China association
  • downplay AI
  • TikTok is a global company
  • The TikTok app doesn’t even operate in China
  • TikTok is highly localised in its experience and operations, which means … insert country here … has a lot of independence in the day-to-day operations of the platform

insert everything is fine gif

Five days after Instagram launched in October 2010 I graced the new photo-sharing service with this gold nugget.

[Instagram screenshot from October 2010] (

4,301 days later who knew …

In 2022 I want to be a lot more deliberate about my inputs. Garbage in, garbage out. I’m continuing to craft my newsletters and subscriptions, detailed on my inputs page. Plus I’m now documenting books I want to read, books I am reading, and books I have read.

Small atomic changes should put make sure I’m walking down the right track.

Why people hate their email but also why they should love it.

I think it’s a crime that not many people subscribe to The Sizzle. The idea of paying $5 a month for it still scares lots of people away. …

My February 2021 Apple Fitness challenge is to walk 227km in the month. So I was out late last night closing in on the target when I stopped and looked at the bus timetable sign at a local bus stop. …