Imagine being the butt of this line in a news report “The launch of the eye-scanning cryptocurrency project Worldcoin” and you’re also the guy standing behind the main brand name related to a technology the world is shit scared of, and just thinking everything is fine.

    Advice I read recently said “Social networks: choose two” and I can’t drop the feeling that it’s quite sage. In the overwhelm and the overbearing influx of social media content and the greater network of services there I’ve almost chosen zero instead of two, which isn’t any better than the fifteen or so you can choose from today.

    I feel like today I live in between the rock of exposure and engagement and the hard place of privacy. I’ve moved so far away from Google and Meta properties to avoid the leakage of private data and my contribution to their share price, and moved toward the open web, privacy-respecting social media, and I feel really good about it - but barely anyone else in my network cares. I’m still surprised when I see intelligent friends using Twitter as if it’s the kind of bar people like us would show our faces.

    Seeing the launch of Instagram/Meta’s new Twitter doppelganger, Threads, is encouraging this week as the project lead, Adam Mosseri is seemingly committed to open-web philosophies:

    “We’re committed to building support for ActivityPub, the protocol behind Mastodon, into this app. We weren’t able to finish it for launch given a number of complications that come along with a decentralized network, but it’s coming. If you’re wondering why this matters, here’s a reason: you may one day end up leaving Threads, or, hopefully not, end up de-platformed. If that ever happens, you should be able to take your audience with you to another server. Being open can enable that.”

    Being open also enables you to “choose two.”

    Here’s how I currently “social media” (Spoiler: this is more media and less social):

    Anything I want to share with the world starts here on my, which serves a few purposes.

    1. Firstly it shares my stories with my community, and they’re a great bunch of people. A good portion of them are people who - like me - backed Manton’s Kickstarter for the whole idea, and the rest are people who went searching for a cool glass of water in the internet desert.
    2. Secondly, my micro blogs actually post to my own blog, which is hosted by but if I ever took issue with the service, the fee, the community, the leadership, or whatever may happen - I can very easily take my content to my own hosting. I could in fact do that today and still remain part of the community and use the tools. This is the power and the beauty of the open web and decentralised internet services.
    3. Finally, pushes my content out to a number of other social networks, with the number always growing. Linkedin, Twitter, Mastodon, Medium, and Bluesky, all social networks that I look active on because of

    I’ve had broadcasting in my genes for twenty years so that model serves me well. I craft a story, tell the story, and it shares to a few places. Today I’ll then get that story and also take it where can’t (because of lack of API), like Facebook, Instagram, and now Threads.

    And on a regular day, that’s where it stops. Opening those apps for anything other than broadcasting is such an overwhelming action. I’ve unfollowed thousands of people, but it’s still too much.

    But if I had to pick two today, I’d go where I get the most interaction, and that would be the Meta properties and Mastodon, Bluesky. T2, LinkedIn, and Twitter are all graveyards as far as community, for me at least.

    I open all the apps on a daily basis and it’s just so rare to feel seen or heard in there. I get more feedback and encouragement via emails from subscribers to my weekly blog email or text messages and conversations with people I love. You can actually publicly see how many people read my blog, and the odd post breaks out, but mostly it’s a group of 10-15 people.

    Maybe that’s just the way it’s supposed to be? Maybe we’re not supposed to be on every single social network in existence? It’s just a strange thing for me to come to terms with, the gradual decline from talking to thousands of people a day on the radio, and on stages, through to being on breakfast TV and reality TV, to just being a dad who gets 10 likes on his Facebook post and calls his wife to let her know he’s going viral.

    If you’re interested in reading more about and the wider open web movement, Manton Reece’s book is great, or at least, will be great when he publishes it and takes it out of draft.

    Long live Threads, maybe there’s a chance for a second breath of Twitter-like-wind there.

    Social media tier list - July 6, 2023, update

    🎂 This is the official tier list of social networks, all of them, from the beginning of time to July 6, 2023. This list is not to be questioned and is wholly correct, trust me. 👼🏻 God Tier IRC Vine iMessage LiveJournal Myspace MSN Messenger ICQ Usenet/Google Groups Email Blogrolls Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web (OG Yahoo!) phpBB Friendster FourSquare Digg (version 1 and 2) Path 👑 Royalty Tier Threads Apple eWorld Hi5 Instagram Mastodon Flickr Tumblr ActivityPub Blogger WordPress SixDegrees 😶 Adam Sandler Tier (Could take it or leave it) Orkut Google Wave, Buzz, Shoelace, Friend Connect LinkedIn Pinterest BBS/Bulletin Board Systems Meerkat AOL Messenger Twitch BlueSky Snapchat YouTube Wavelength BeReal 🫤 Pleb Tier Facebook T2 iTunes Ping Orkut Google+ Weibo Yahoo!

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    Threads, a thread

    🧵 Decentralisocial networks are cool, but you know what’s also cool? Talking to your existing friends group, and having your content enjoyed by people. Unlike most of my late-2022 and 2023 content which hasn’t been seen by more than 10 to 15 eyes. Prediction: Threads will win; T2, Bluesky, the others will falter; ActivityPub and Mastodon will be a fun place for niche communities.

    The news is incentivised to be broken and terrible

    I was a media and news man for over a decade, I loved being - what I considered to be - an important part of the community, telling its stories and keeping the community informed, safe, and entertained. But the industry isn’t doing well. The second story on today is about a Fox News story about a recent TikTok that went viral, which the newsdesk found out about through a Twitter user sharing the TikTok in three parts, and the TikTok was just a replay of a Youtube clip from a radio show four years ago.

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    I’m feeling bullish on the new group-messaging app and platform, Wavelength, After reading John Gruber’s review, then using it and joining a group, I think it could replace group chats in other places, but also serve as a platform for new conversations.

    If you’re interested, I’ve started a few group chats:

    Jump onboard if you’re interested!

    The future of creating is damned

    My greatest fear for my kids and for future generations is what it means to create within and around such specific analytics being available. I (unfortunately) have precise readings of how many people read and view my work. Where they come from and where they don’t. How many followers, likes, and shares each social network allows me. Honestly, it’s depressing and it is the biggest impediment to my creative work.

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    I’ve been talking about switching social networks for a decade now …

    I’m wondering whether “stay in your medium lane” is good advice for Elon Musk and Twitter today?

    I think about Instagram starting as a still photo medium and how I like it less as it has changed lanes. Facebook started as a “friend-to-friend connection” medium, and I like it less as Adam Mosseri has obsessed over Reels and videos.

    Twitter started as, and mostly still is, a text medium.

    The human brain likes to catalogue and silo things. Twitter is a textual medium, and all of us on it love that about it.

    If Twitter wants to evolve to take on YouTube and Facebook and leave text behind, that will be its death knell. Not headwinds in the marketplace, but the fact that those of us that like to read and write text, want to connect and share in a place that champions reading and writing text.

    That’s why Imoved my writing and sharing to when it launched. champions text and text sharing, whilst also encouraging you to own your content/text.

    If anything was going to take Twitter’s place today, in my humble opinion, it would be, because it has a business plan, it has a network, by design it’s healthy and good for the soul, but it champions the reading and writing of text.

    Inherent problems in the internet of 2022

    Some inherent problems in the internet of 2022, in my humble opinion: Everyone is too exposed to everyone else, for example, it’s wild that anyone and everyone can read these words I’m typing. It’s beautiful and wild, but ultimately we aren’t born ready to be so exposed. There’s the smallest number of celebrities that have successfully been in the public spotlight for their whole lives and come out unharmed, and even those that keep a positive public identity have conspiracy theories made up about them (Hi, Tom Hanks).

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    We're off to Mexico and how we can stay in contact, a manifesto

    My anxiety is of the opinion that none of you really care about me, contacting me or enjoying our family travels, if that’s so, please cease reading and thank you for confirming my deepest fears and anxieties. But, if you do wish to stay in contact with me and enjoy our photos and stories of lands far away, I have four notes for you: Every email address you have for me is wrong unless it is my name then an @ symbol then my last name, finishing with a .

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    Qantas T80 seat selection reminder shortcut for Apple Shortcuts

    Reading a recent Point Hacks email about the ol' ‘T-80’ Qantas rule reminded me of an Apple Shortcuts shortcut I’d been meaning to make for a while. I’m no programmer, or Shortcut-writer, but I whipped the shortcut up today and I think it works really well. Stealing this next image from Point Hacks, extra seats open up 80 hours out from the flight: If you’d like a reminder about that opportunity, download the shortcut on your Apple device now.

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    TikTok's talking points are totally cool, nothing to see here, move along now, everything's cool ya see

    It almost seems like TikTok is the great globalist company we’ve all been waiting for, to save us from the boredom of our everyday lives, and to connect us - not with our friends - but with some kind of massive data store in China that I am totally sure is totally ok and nothing to stress about at all, ya know. TikTok’s public relations talking points via Gizmodo: downplay the parent company ByteDance downplay the China association downplay AI TikTok is a global company The TikTok app doesn’t even operate in China TikTok is highly localised in its experience and operations, which means … insert country here … has a lot of independence in the day-to-day operations of the platform insert everything is fine gif

    Instagram is embarrassing itself because it didn't steal, it copied

    Five days after Instagram launched in October 2010 I graced the new photo-sharing service with this gold nugget. [] ( 4,301 days later who knew that I could have summed up the entire social network in four words. “Make me feel better!” Instagram made me feel better for the longest time. The simple act of making and viewing photos was lubricated to the point of a simple addiction. I could make photos and share them so easily, and you could share your photos and I could experience them so easily.

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    In 2022 I want to be a lot more deliberate about my inputs. Garbage in, garbage out. I’m continuing to craft my newsletters and subscriptions, detailed on my inputs page. Plus I’m now documenting books I want to read, books I am reading, and books I have read.

    Small atomic changes should put make sure I’m walking down the right track.

    Stand back, imma fix email

    Why people hate their email but also why they should love it. I think it’s a crime that not many people subscribe to The Sizzle. The idea of paying $5 a month for it still scares lots of people away. Which is crazy, because for $5 you get immense value from the desk of @decryption. I referred my mate Nick to The Sizzle and he said “The Sizzle is one of the best things I regularly read.

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    Tap your phone at Gold Coast bus stops to access my website

    My February 2021 Apple Fitness challenge is to walk 227km in the month. So I was out late last night closing in on the target when I stopped and looked at the bus timetable sign at a local bus stop. That NFC tag piqued my curiosity. I wondered if it worked on iPhone? So I tapped my iPhone 12 Pro up against the NFC logo and a website hyperlink notification popped up like when you scan a QR code.

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    How cheap money and algorithms shaped the last decade and the opposite will shape the next

    This is a powerful read for people trying to mentally tie a bow on the 2010s. Ranjan wraps it up saying that the cheap money thanks to near zero interest rate policies we’ve had since the GFC, and social media algorithms, are what shaped the last ten years of our lives. “I’m incredibly excited about the coming decade because I am genuinely hopeful the two core trends I outlined will be reversed.

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    I’m two days deep Clubhouse and I’m feeling bullish about its potential.

    It’s a powerfully personal medium, with deep accountability (live voice). It’s like the child talkback radio and social networking.

    I’ve got one invite left if you’re interested.

    Feature request for iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Instagram DMs, and Facebook Page Messenger: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LET ME SEE UNREAD MESSAGES SO I CAN “READ” THAT ONE UNREAD MESSAGE WHICH I CAN’T FIND ANYWHERE. Maybe a simple “filter by unread” or somethn?

    ‘Nice’ doesn’t sell ads

    I’ve found the most quotable book I’ve read in a while. “Imagine for a moment that a new drug comes on the market. It’s super-addictive, and in no time everyone’s hooked. Scientists investigate and soon conclude that the drug causes, I quote, ‘a misperception of risk, anxiety, lower mood levels, learned helplessness, contempt and hostility towards others, and desensitization’. Would we use this drug? Would our kids be allowed to try it?

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    How to overcome Phone Addiction [Solutions + Research]

    “Phone addiction is one of the biggest non-drug addiction in human history. Studies show that excessive phone use is linked to procrastination, suicide (example), spoilt sleep, food and water neglect, headaches, lower productivity, unstable relationships, poor physical health (eye strain, body-aches, posture, hand strain), and poor mental health (depression, anxiety, stress). Some of these problems can be both causes and effects of phone addiction (procrastination, anxiety, unstable relationships, etc.).”

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    If you’ve been following for a while you might have sensed a tension between the joy I find in being online and the disappointment I find in news feed algorithims.

    So I’ve been curating my own media diet for a while now and thought you might like a peek inside.

    Simon Owens on 'the Substack problem'

    “2021 will be the year that publishers start to form strategies to deal with the Substack Problem. By that, I mean they’ll need to find ways to discourage their star writers from leaving to launch their own Substack newsletters. In the most likely scenario, they’ll make deals with writers to launch the newsletter under the banner of the media company. They might structure the deal so the writer gets to keep their current salary and then some percentage of the subscriber income they generate – similar to the advances and royalties that book publishers dole out.

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