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Some inherent problems in the internet of 2022, in my humble opinion:

  1. Everyone is too exposed to everyone else, for example, it’s wild that anyone and everyone can read these words I’m …

Reading a recent Point Hacks email about the ol' ‘T-80’ Qantas rule reminded me of an Apple Shortcuts shortcut I’d been meaning to make for a while. I’m no programmer, or …

Introducing the next joshPhone. You can design yours on Neal’s website.

It almost seems like TikTok is the great globalist company we’ve all been waiting for, to save us from the boredom of our everyday lives, and to connect us - not with our friends - but with some kind of massive data store in China that I am totally sure is totally ok and nothing to stress about at all, ya know.

TikTok’s public relations talking points via Gizmodo:

  • downplay the parent company ByteDance
  • downplay the China association
  • downplay AI
  • TikTok is a global company
  • The TikTok app doesn’t even operate in China
  • TikTok is highly localised in its experience and operations, which means … insert country here … has a lot of independence in the day-to-day operations of the platform

insert everything is fine gif

Five days after Instagram launched in October 2010 I graced the new photo-sharing service with this gold nugget.

[Instagram screenshot from October 2010] (

4,301 days later who knew …

Why people hate their email but also why they should love it.

I think it’s a crime that not many people subscribe to The Sizzle. The idea of paying $5 a month for it still scares lots of people away. …

A little demo of Adobe Photoshop 2022’s Neural filter on one of my photos

Steve Jobs’s resume:

“I’m looking for a fixer-upper with a solid foundation. Am willing to tear down walls, build bridges, and light fires. I have great experience, lots of energy, a bit of that ‘vision thing’ and I’m not afraid to start from the beginning.”

Apple Prediction in October 2021: the Apple Music Voice/Siri plan lasts no more than two years.

Going down market never looks good on Apple. “Here’s a cheaper crappier version of our thing if money’s really important to you, whatever, we don’t care”.

Since the moment Steve Jobs introduced us to the iPhone, Australian users have had bad weather data.

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology is the only true source of weather data in Australia, but …