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My anxiety is of the opinion that none of you really care about me, contacting me or enjoying our family travels, if that’s so, please cease reading and thank you for confirming my deepest fears …

Spencer Howson on 4BC Weekends invited me into the studio to explain why we’re moving to Mexico.

Muppets magic.

“I’d save every day like a treasure and then again I would spend them with you”

Cover of Jim Croce’s ‘Time In A Bottle’ as found on The Muppets in 1977. Also, weirdly, featured alongside another Muppet in an iPhone ad for the iPhone 6S and Siri.

Finally, how I feel about Britt. Love you xx

Answering the most common questions I’ve been asked about Britt and I moving to Mexico with our two kids:

  1. When do you go? October 10, 2022, then I come back for a month’s work around Australia …

The Withers kids hit Brisbane’s Royal Queensland Show for 2022.

All Luna wanted was a “Skye Puppy” from Paw Patrol.

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Luna’s birthday week comes to a close. Now we have 51 weeks of mourning until her fourth birthday celebrations can begin.

Today, Britt and I attended - remotely via live stream - the memorial service of her grandfather, Alan James Snow.

Alan’s life story is wide ranging and interesting, from his time in the NSW …

Britt and I are very pleased to introduce Goldie Grace Withers to the world. Just before 11am we were standing around the birthing centre cracking jokes, measuring and weighing everything, because …

No-one’s betting on a 2% chance of winning anything. If there’s a 2% chance of anything happening, that basically means the thing isn’t happening. Our doctor said there would be a 2% …

👩‍🚀 I always wanted you to go into space, mannnn (photo not by Babylon Zoo, only the caption)