For sale: Leica Z2X vintage point and shoot film camera

    Selling my beloved vintage Leica Z2X 35mm film camera for $700 AUD. I bought it in Paris but I’d like to step up to a bigger film camera. The Leica has a 35-70mm zoom lens, autofocus is super quick and precise, so no more blurry pics, smart exposure control for a point-and-shoot film camera, shutter speed ranges from a slow 1/4 sec to a fast 1/300 sec. Plus, there’s a “B” setting for long exposures.

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    Driving from Siena, Italy, to Graz, Austria, today Goldie and I were looking for somewhere to stop for lunch and we decided on this place named after a beach in Los Angeles.

    I took Britt’s Fuji X-S10 with the 27mm f/2.8 for a play while we were there.

    A birds eye view of Martina Franca, in southern Puglia, where we’ve been hanging out this month.

    In these photos, happening at the same time, is a funeral procession, a dance contest, and an opera, amongst whatever else the 49,000 residents are getting up to.

    There’s also two 360 photos of Martina Franca in this embed, a higher and lower shot, look for the hotspots when you’re scrolling around.

    📷🇮🇹🚁 Fifteen of Monopoli’s best from my Mavic in Puglia yesterday

    ⛪️ I did it, I finally did it. I crucified the sun.

    … and other photos from the sunset over Monopoli, Puglia, this afternoon 📷🌇🇮🇹

    📷🇮🇹 Alberobello, Puglia

    Rate my desk (June 2023 edition)

    For the past ten months, my and my family’s non-clothing and non-toiletries life has completely lived inside a Think Tank camera bag and it will do so for another 50 days. I took the opportunity this afternoon to do a quick audit, headcount, and make sure everything I was carrying was necessary, and inspired by the Hemispheric Views podcast segment ‘Rate my desk’ I thought I would submit my ‘desk away from home’ to the internets.

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    Does Apple Vision mean 360 content is finally going to have its moment?

    I’ve been playing around with 360 content for over seven years ago now and I have a few questions about where Apple is going to take the format. If you make 360 content today, you spend a lot of time looking at content like this: It’s not as appealing as the embeds below. I’ve recorded my work creating marriage ceremonies in 360 video, and with my various DJI drones, I’ve been trying to create 360 still content as well.

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    Lichtenstein 3D

    One of my childhood happy memories was receiving gifts from my Aunty Tracey who lived in Lichtenstein. She was always sending Liechtenstein paraphernalia and propaganda and I was here for it. For over 30 years I’ve kept this magical vision in my mind of what the richest country per capita on earth would look like. How safe could a country with no defence force feel? How do you even get to a country that has no airport?

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    Withers on film in Hawaii

    Withers on film at the TWA Hotel.

    Man, I loved this hotel!

    Withers in Mexico.

    I found an undeveloped roll of film from our time in Baja California Sur. Missing Cerritos Beach!

    Withers in Paris on 35mm film

    Apple Shortcut for recording photography metadata

    I’m passionate about making photos, but I have a sub-passion in recording good metadata around those photos as they enter my iCloud Photo Library so the photos become more useful as they age. Whether they are used in Photo Memories, like “Paris 2023” and “Early Mornings with Luna”, or whether I want to search on the Photo’s “Places” function to find that photo I made ten years ago, the metadata is important to me.

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    My favourite thing to do in the big cities of the world is to ignore the must-do lists, the must-see places, the hotspots and the icons, and to just walk around and exist in a different big city. Walking down random streets, getting bad coffee at little-known cafes, and finding the unseen parts of a city. The towers, cathedrals, arches and museums are cool and we inevitably end up there. But there’s something really interesting to me about experiencing another people’s normal.

    My first look at the 400 megapixel mode on the Canon EOS R5

    I’m a sucker for megapixels, because as much as they really don’t matter to most people - and they really shouldn’t - for me they often mean I’ve got room to crop. More pixels collected means more pixels you can delete, a post-production version of digital zoom if you like. Other, smarter, and different, people will have different reasons for wanting more pixels, so I’m not here to pass judgement on the feature, just to share my first thoughts and two images I’ve made with the feature.

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    Rancho Gaspareño

    Bryan Jáuregui quotes Greg Schredder regarding Rancho Gaspareño, Baja California Sur, just south of Todos Santos, emphasis and photos mine: Rancho Gaspareño was named after a Spanish galleon that went aground on the point, the Gaspareño. It was one of the so-called Manila galleons, Spanish ships that sailed between the Philippines and Acapulco for 250 years, bringing spices, silks and other luxuries from the far east to New Spain. All these galleons sailed the Pacific coast of Baja on their way to Acapulco, so naturally enough the area became riddled with pirates, many of them English and Dutch.

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    A week in Tasmania

    The first point of order was to check out the land we’ve just bought! From there it was straight into work. First in New Norfolk … Then in Freycinet … I really do love this state. Back to work again on kunanyi, formerly known as Mount Wellington. From Mount Wellington we move to Bruny Island for Katrina and Oscar’s elopement and it’s also my 41st birthday. The Arch, at Bruny Island

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    El Arco, Cabo San Lucas

    Sunday sunrise from Cabo


    A Thursday afternoon at Playa Los Cerritos

    Just a boy and his favourite seventy to two-hundred millimetres of glass photographed by another boy and his medium format film camera, Jack Fitz at Playa Los Cerritos at sunset.

    Sunrise this morning from Snapper Rocks

    Person takign a photo of the sunrose on their iPhone at Snapper Rocks Wed 10 August 2022  2 of 30 Wed 10 August 2022  3 of 30 Wed 10 August 2022  3 of 30 Wed 10 August 2022  4 of 30 Wed 10 August 2022  6 of 30 Wed 10 August 2022  8 of 30 Wed 10 August 2022  9 of 30 Wed 10 August 2022  11 of 30 Wed 10 August 2022  15 of 30 Wed 10 August 2022  16 of 30 Wed 10 August 2022  17 of 30 Wed 10 August 2022  19 of 30 Wed 10 August 2022  20 of 30 Wed 10 August 2022  21 of 30 Wed 10 August 2022  23 of 30 Wed 10 August 2022  26 of 30 Wed 10 August 2022  25 of 30 Wed 10 August 2022  27 of 30

    Photos were created by me, on the sunrise of Wednesday, 10 August 2022, at Snapper Rocks and Greenmount Beach at Coolangatta, Queensland. Photographed on a Canon EOS R5 with a 70-200mm lens.